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iPhone now can scan QR Code directly in iOS 11

Posted by Jimmy X August 27, 2017 QR Code QR Share
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QR code was there for years, but whoever want use it on their smartphone will have to find and download a third-party application, there’re some good apps available from both app store or Google play, but this is one of the major reason that prevents QR code become a very popular tool. But things seem changed, since WeChat the most famous app in Chinese has demonstrated how important the QR code in the mobile world.

The move was slow but significantly, because the tech-giants’ join.

  • Google Chrome app scan QR code

  • No much people noticed in February 2017, Google released a new version Chrome app for iPhone which comes with a build-in QR code scanner. Users now can use 3D-touch or search QR code to open the new chrome app.

    open chrome qr code scanner

    Then, position the QR code and the chrome app will scan it and open the corresponding app with user's confirmation.

    chrome app scan qr code in iPhone

  • Apple's response on native QR code scanner

  • Apple has also showed the same opinion of the importance of the QR code in the mobile world. In the iOS 11 preview which released in June 2017, the build-in camera app is able to recognize the QR code. Which means, that iPhone users will no longer to require download a specific app, simply use the camera in iPhone to scan the QR code.

  • The biggest obstacle of using QR code for your business will be removed very soon, and finally the age of QR code is coming…

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