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How To Share Website Using QR Code

Posted by Bo Z Oct 20, 2016 QR Code QR Share
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As a website owner in today’s society, it is becoming increasingly important than ever to encourage the mobile user to visit your website. The primary value of scanning a QR code is to alleviate the need to enter the long web link on a phone. Offer a QR code on your website provides the following benefits:

  • 1. Access necessary information from a phone

  • Making your website accessible on smart phones means your clients can access your website anytime, anywhere. Any important information is at their fingertip, such as your business hours, your location, and a contact number. Help the client avoid having to type long URL and make it easier for them to open it on their phone.

  • 2. Continued reading

  • People may have gotten interrupted or rushed to complete another task. A QR code allow the user to scan and open the same link on their phone, so that they can pick up what he left out and continue reading.

  • 3. Share on the social media

  • Normally company computers don't allow access to social media web-sites. Scanning a QR code can help the user immediately open the link on their smart phone and share it using Facebook app.

That being said, normally a full size QR code is too big and will not fit with your website’s appearance. Our solution is to place a little icon on the page which points to a dedicated page. This will encourage the mobile user to scan your website, while not compromising your website’s appearance. Here is the code you can paste on your website.

<a href="https://scan2d.com/tools/share.htm?url=http://your-domain.com">
    <img border="0" src="http://scan2d.com/tools/share-icon.png" width="30" height="30">

If your site use font-awesome, the code can be even more simple:

<a href="https://scan2d.com/tools/share.htm?url=http://your-domain.com"> <i class="fa fa-qrcode" ></i></a>

The final result will look like this:

qr code in cloud

Finally, here is the screenshot if the user follows the link. and here is a Live Demo

qr code share