Using QR Code as Advertisement Strategy

What is QR code?

A QR ("Quick Response") code is a two-dimensional bar code that can store website URL's, business card, plain text, and pretty much any other alphanumeric data.

Why advertising with QR code?

QR Codes have become common in consumer advertising. In general, a user takes a photo of the code on their mobile device as a QR code scanner with a mobile application such as Scan2D QR Code Manager. The phone recognizes the code and automatically directs the user to the website associated with the code.

QR code has become a center of the advertising strategy, as it provides the fastest and simplest way to access the information compares manually enter a specific URL, especially on the mobile devices. More important it also provides better conversion rate (the probability complete a sale) since the little delay or effect to bring the advertisement to the viewer, the potential customer.

And what makes a good QR Code?

Easy, user friendly? Of course! But first, we have to fully understand the user’s expectation of scanning a QR (Quick Response) Code: it’s definitely not an error message says “cannot find the code or it is damaged”. Then is the link to a company’s web site what we’re looking for? Not really. While a web site is better than a useless error message, it’s still far from the minimal requirements of a great code.

With these three steps met, you’re on your way to making a great QR code. Next, you’ll want to make your QR code even more user-friendly:

How to advertise with QR code successfully?

First, target your audience and analyze what are they actually looking for, at the moment they saw your advertisement? Then, make sure deliver customer wanted, simple and attractive information. Last and the most important, never under estimate the power of social networking. Show viewers articles, images or even videos at first glance on your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest, etc. And encourage them share your products, services or the advertisement on the social media.

How to increase scan rate?