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Improve Customer Experiences By Deliver Information Effectively

You run a hotel, no matter one star or three stars or five stars, one thing is same you want bring the best experience to the customers, hoping their satisfactions can make them become the return customers or even better recommend your hotel to their friends. So, you prepared a lot of free services such as Wi-fi, breakfast, gym and swimming pool, etc. to attract them. It is very good, but do you know most customers will feel a little bit cumbersome for the information which is provided during the check-in? Recently, I have visited a very nice condo hotel around Mont-Tremblant in Quebec, Canada. And there are four documents waiting in the room to welcome my family's visit. One general information just like every hotel as I know (15 pages for each official language English and French), one welcome letter with phone number and email, one check-out list and a list of access code. This hotel has the top review 4.7 out of 5 on the Expedia and everything is perfect, except I have to took a picture of the access code list on my phone, which I believe most people will do the same or they may come back to the room to check the code again... This is just an example, but it is very common. Hotel owners or managers prepared lots of information but what's the percentage that customers can keep and use it later? 10% or 20%?

What's the problem here? Think about if you are a traveller, you reach the hotel after a few hours (maybe even longer) flight, driving, meeting or some activities. Anyway, you are almost reach you limitation, a limitation that you just simply want a room to put your luggage, have a rest maybe access the wash room, but not for any detail information. You do not care the hours about the breakfast tomorrow morning, neither any other activities or services provided by the hotel.

Customers want the information only at the time they need the information.

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Scan2D One QR Code Solution for Hotels will solve the problem. Not like any other QR Code solution, Scan2D is not simply provide a QR code links to the URL of the web site of your hotel. It comes with a brand new one to many concept, one single QR Code for the hotel but with the Scan2D app, customers can easily find useful information that provided by the hotels with a single click. All those icons can link to the web pages, static text/pdf files or even SMS(Test Message Service) that can be hosted on hotel's web site or Scan2D web servers, to provide a super easy way to the customers to access the information they need.