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Put a Scan2D QR Соdе Оn Уоur Menu

Posted by Jimmy Xu June 19, 2017 QR Code QR Share
QR code

QR Codes, or Quick Response Codes, are a special type of barcode that has been around for over 10 years. QR Codes have many uses but the one that is on the front of the mobile revolution is giving the ability of a smartphone user to quickly and easily get access to information with a single click. QR Codes make it easy for customers to get access to what is important to them.

As a restaurant owner, you do your best to provide your customer with fresh meat and seafood, seasonal vegetables and all kinds of new dishes. Not only that, lots of restaurants may also change their beer or wine list constantly. All these required you to update your menu frequently. When you prepare your menu, most of you will put a few logos of social networks such as Facebook, twitter or TripAdvisor, etc. and hope that someone maybe about one percent of the customer will remember to give you a "LIKE" after enjoying the food and drinks in your restaurant.

Actually, there is on small step you are missing, and if you do, your customers will get a lot better experiences. "Scan2D QR code" it comes with dynamic landing page which you can provide your customer with all the information such as social networks, contact info, menu and photos, etc. By scanning the code, your customer can access to your social networks to provide a valuable review, but also the picture of a new dish or detail description of a new drink. This will make lots of customers feel a lot comfortable because ordering with no pressure, especially for new customers or visitors.

Does mу restaurant need a Scan2D QR Cоdе?

Yes. Having a Scan2D QR Code displayed means customers can quickly and easily get access to your restaurant's information and mobile menu. Putting a Scan2D QR Code in your restaurant's window or on the door means a customer can use their smartphone to quickly see your menu. One-click and your restaurant's mobile website is pulled up for them.

Whаt dо I dо оnсе I hаvе a Scan2D QR Code?

Place the QR Code everywhere your customers may be looking to get access to your restaurant's menu and information from their smartphone. Suggestions: on the door or window of your restaurant, on marketing material for your restaurant, any ads you may be placing. There are just f ew of the many places that will help your customers quickly get to the information they're interested in.

Whеrе dо I get a Sсаn2D QR Cоdе fоr my rеѕtаurаnt?

You can get it for free from www.Scan2D.com and it will take about 5 minutes to make it work as you wish.

Whеn a uѕеr ѕсаnѕ уоur Scan2D QR Cоdе this is whаt they ѕее (for уоur rеѕtаurаnt)

  • Receipts with Cuѕtоmеr Survey: Scan2D QR codes may be added to receipts and can lead consumers to customer surveys to complete. This is a simple way for restaurant owners to encourage patrons to leave their comments in a space saving manner. By maintaining one website that features the customer survey, restaurant owners can update the survey as needed.

  • Restaurant Location/Contact Info: Scan2D QR codes can link to internet sites and this includes Google Maps. Restaurants can create a webpage that details your full contact information and includes a Google Map with directions to your restaurant. By putting a Scan2D QR code on flyers, newsletters, business card, or other marketing materials, consumers may scan the code and have full access to the restaurant's contact information and location.

  • Daily Special: Scan2D QR code is a practical way of displaying daily specials without needing to use paper for printing on a daily basis. A daily special Scan2D QR code may be affixed to menus and while patrons are waiting to order, they can scan the code, thereby being taken to a website that displays the different deals and specials. The restaurant manager can update the website as needed and the one QR code can remain in place. Scan2D QR codes are fast and easy way for cell phone users to access a restaurant's daily deals and specials.

  • Evеnt Dеtаilѕ: Restaurants can crate online calendars that display all of their upcoming specials and events. Scan2D QR codes can then be placed on menus, websites, flyers and brochures. This Scan2D QR codes can allow easy access to events and consumers can even download various calendars to their phones, ensuring they have the information needed to attend the event.

  • Nutritiоn Facts: More restaurants than ever before are opting to display nutrition facts and content of their fare on menus in order for patrons to make well-informed ordering decisions. As this can take up much needed menu space, some restaurants are choosing to use Scan2D QR codes that will contain a link to a mobile friendly website that lists nutrition facts for each item, beverage and dessert. This information isn't just important for those on a diet, but is imperative for those who suffer from food allergies.