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Use QR vCard to grow your business

Posted by Jimmy Xu June 6, 2017 QR Code QR Share
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A business card without QR vCard is out!

As a business person, you have a website, social site pages, business and personal contacts all of which are relevant to your clients. The option of having above information printed on a business card is OUT! In today’s world there are less than 5 percent business cards ever made it to the decision makers contact list. You need the QR vCard, the best and quickest way to allow your clients get your information into their mobile device and share with somebody else in a few clicks, most important no typing and no searching.

Introduce Scan2D QR vCard Service

It is free and very easy to use, with Scan2D QR vCard service, put the QR code on your business card and encourage your clients or customers to scan it. They will have access to your contact information, company website, and social sites in the mobile phones, with just one more tap they can save to the contact and make it super easy for them to reach you in the future.

And, the information are modifiable, whenever you want to change your contact info, no need to discard your previous business cards, go to your Scan2D configuration page, simply change the phone number, address, images and add a new social site.