Cut costs and grow your business with QR Codes

The Problem

Right now, to get to your website or social media pages, users have to open up their phone browser and type in the web address. Users are often too lazy to put in that effort. Even if they do, they could type in the wrong URL and it could be a missed opportunity.

The Solution

We create a QR Code for the webpage you want your customers to view. The code can be placed on any physical material: booklets, business cards and advertisements are just a few options. Your customer can quickly scan that code using the Scan2D QR Code app installed on their mobile device. They are quickly redirected to your URL. They can read your page immediately or even “favorite” it to read later.

How QR Codes Can Save You Money

Paper material, such as pamphlets and brochures, cost a lot to design, print and distribute. Making all that information available online through our QR Code still provides immediate reading material, but at a cheaper cost with less paper. This solution can significantly reduce cost in several industries, such as the hotel industry.

What Makes Our QR Codes Different

Our QR Codes actually work.

The number one problem users experience when scanning QR Codes are error messages such as “Cannot find the code” or “Code is damaged.” We ensure every code we create works perfectly, leading to great customer experiences.

Our codes are mobile-friendly.

If a website is not responsive — meaning that it only works on computers and not cell phones — a user will immediately click off. We will only show users the mobile friendly version of your website.

The placement of codes directly relates to the URL.

For example, if a QR Code is printed on a camera box sitting on store shelves, the QR Code should direct the buyer to the product’s website page. It should not direct the buyer to the homepage for the store. We help you choose the most effective URL for your QR Code.

The social media portal.

By scanning just one QR Code, customers will have access to all of your social media sites and other information. Users can click on individual icons in your specific portal to be redirected. Icons can be made to show customers specific material, such as FAQs, service brochures or food menus.

Our codes are user-friendly.

For QR Codes to be effective, they need to be created in a size that is easy to scan. They also need to be placed in locations that encourage a user to actually scan. We work with you to create a QR Code plan that helps you achieve your specific business goal.