Scan2D App User Guide

Here, you can learn how to use Scan2D app and some new features that other QR Code Scanner apps do not have.

New Features! Since Scan2D v2.0

Share on Social media

Boost your social, start share on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus for anything, anywhere (e.g. hotels, restaurants and products, etc.) that having a QR Code

Share in Facebook, tell your friends that you can share everything by just scan the QR code.

Share Wi-fi via Qr Code

Connect to Wi-fi network by scan a QR Code, and never worry about long and confusing password anymore.

Scan2D v1.0 Features

This will be the screen when you first time open the Scan2D app. It will reminder you goto "Settings" to sign up/in to enable some nice features.

In "Settings" you can sign up/in and click "About" to get help of Scan2D app.

Scan any QR Code with Scan2D app.

This is the ""History" view and show you the title, how many time the QR Code scanned and the last time you have scan the QR Code.

Once you scan a QR Code or open it from "History", Scan2D app show you the count of scan and reviews. Also there's a social media button if Scan2D app server has found the social media URL from the web site of the QR Code.

Our social portal service will aggregate all the social media and associate with the QR Code, a single click you can access them all.