Creating a QR Code PDF for WIFI

We are eager to find a better way to use QR codes in our day-to-day life. This article discusses how to create a QR code printout for WIFI.

If you are already familiar with the tool, you can go directly to the link below to create your own QR code printout.We recommend using Scan2d App for QR code scanner.

Create Wi-Fi QR Code

Here is the screenshot.

Connect Wi-fi with QR Code

When guests come to your home or business, one of the first things they will do is ask you for your Wi-Fi login. This tool simplifies the process as it allows you to enter your information and generate a QR Code as a PDF file. The PDF can then be printed and postedin some noticeable places, such as the door or on the wall. Visitors can then easily scan the QR Code you created and be immediately connected to your Wi-Fi. This tool is better than just writing your password on a piece of paper.

  • Avoid typing on the phone
  • Often times, the password is long and complicated, composed of lower and upper case letters, numbersand special characters. Help your friend, customer and client avoid having to enter a long password on their phone and make it easier to connect to your WIFI.
  • Fully automatic on Android phones
  • The connection process is fully automatic on Android phones. The user only has to scan the QR code and,it’s done. No typing on their phone; no selection; it’s connected.
  • Need one paste step on iPhone
  • On an iPhone, the WIFI setting dialog is open. The correct WIFI SSID is selected, the user only needs to complete the last step: paste the password in the dialog.

    Of course people can always use other online tools to generate QR codes, create a PDF from it and find a QR code scanner to achieve this same result. We are however a complete QR code solution firm. We follow : The Busy & Lazy Theory, and understand that people expect one complete and simple tool to make life easier.