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Scan2D QR code helps you conquer the Mobile world!

QR Code with Big Data!

Want know people's reaction about your advertisement?

New! QR Code on Vehicle

Get the Scan2D QR code, the most important part of your vehicle body ad.

Why Scan2D QR Code?

Scan2D Dynamic QR code is a mobile advertisement solution specifically designed for individuals, businesses, and advertisement agencies. It is the fastest way to deliver well-organized multimedia content to mobile devices and requires no searching or typing. Check out why it's better to not have to search or type. It can provide a super user-friendly experience by allowing people to access the information they are interested in at the right place and time. Also, Scan2D is able to offer statistics in the form of how many people scanned the code. Click here to check out our Privacy policy

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Your business QR code on vehicle

Advertise your business on your vehicle? You will need a QR code, especially a Scan2D QR code. This will help people who want to check your vehicle ad; they do not need to type or search, just a quick scan with their smartphone, and they can start reading right away. Furthermore, with Scan2D QR code, people can save the information on their phone and read it later.Read more about QR code on Vehicle.

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It is Easy and Powerful!

  • Configure within 5 minutes
  • Weekly report for free service
  • Big Data, link to Google Analytics
  • QR Code Monitoring
  • Dynamic QR code with Landing Page
  • Support all error correction (ECC) level
  • Rounded corner QR code

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Mobile friendly Landing Page

  • Multiple Hot Links configurable
  • Manage your Hot Links 24/7
  • Social networks - Facebook, twitter,Youtube...
  • No change required on existing web site
  • One-click phone call or SMS
  • One-click email
  • Embedded map service (google maps)
  • Customer template for each industry
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Tracking and managing your QR Code

  • Create and manage your QR Code
  • Tracking your QR Code Access
  • QR Code effectiveness analysis
  • One-click phone call or SMS