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Why Scan2D QR Code is a must for your ads on vehicle?

Posted by Jimmy X May 10, 2018 QR Code QR Share
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A quick review for the vehicle body advertisement.

You are running a local business, regardless what kind of business it could be plumbing, electronic engineering or food delivery, etc. you probably use on vehicle advertisement as one of your major marketing strategies.

The structure of on vehicle ads normally includes all or some of following items:

  • Company name

  • Company logo

  • A list of products or services offered

  • Claim that you are the best or number one service provider

  • Offer a “free quote”, and

  • Contact info:

    • Phone number
    • Web site
    • Email
    • Social networks symbols

Why your car body ad does not work very well?

qr code advertisement on truck

You drive the vehicle for the business all the time and park it on the street or any public place hope can attract more people to see it. And you are expecting two magic things to happen to help your business.

1. The Accidental Business

You hope and pray that on the very day your ads runs, a prospect in immediate need of your product or service stumbles across it and takes action. This is that we call marketing by accident. A qualified prospect happening upon the right ad at the right time sometimes results in the happy accident of a sale taking place.

If these “accidents” never happened then no one would ever advertise. But as it happens the occasional random sale or lead will come from this type of advertising. It’s like these businesses are visiting a slot machine in a casino. They put their money in, pull the handle and hope for a jackpot – but most of the time the house just takes their money. Occasionally they’ll get a few cents on the dollar back which raises their hopes and emboldens them to continue.

2. The Fantastic Human Brain

Another reason that you want an on vehicle ad is you want people know you or your business, whenever they need such service or product it can pop up in their brain. This is a fantastic wish, but the reality is human brain does not work that way. Somehow it sounds more like a computer, or a robot that sees once and remembers forever, right?

Do not get me wrong, ads on vehicle it is a good idea. But beside nice images and structure items that I have listed above which already cost you somehow around the $2000 or even more to put on the vehicle, what actually you are missing?

So you need a QR code -- the bridge links two worlds

qr code ads for vehicle

It is a QR code, the bridge that connects real and virtual world and the bridge that also connects your advertisement with the mobile device, the most important device for everyone and our new extended brain.

According to a recent report, at the end of 2017, over two billion mobile phone or tablet users made some form of mobile commerce transaction. And more 95% of mobile internet users look up local information on their phones for the purpose of calling or visiting a business. Presently, mobile devices account for 19% of retail e-commerce sales. This figure is estimated to reach 27% by the end of 2018.

So is it mobile friendly? You will say “I have a mobile friendly web site and all major these social networking are listed in my ad, so my ad is still not mobile friendly?” It seems, but not really or at least far from sufficient. In year 2018 and after, anything requires type and search on the mobile, is NOT mobile friendly anymore. Why? Because normally people do not have enough motivation to type, search and read the information about some ads with nice images or something they may need it in the future. It is the motivation, the volume of motivation needed to support people type, search and waiting is too high to response your ad. And a QR code can solve this problem, it comes with a quick access future – scan and read which allow people to response with much less motivation. Again why? Because it is easy and quick, just open the mobile, scan the QR code and start read.

How Scan2D QR code can help you solve the problem?

Get a Scan2D vehicle body QR code stickers and put them on your vehicle (we suggest put three stickers per vehicle on left, right and rare side). So for people who want check your vehicle ad, they do not need type or search, just by a quick scan with their smartphone, they can start reading right away.

Furthermore, with Scan2D QR code, people can save the information on their phone and read it later. Or whenever them need a service they can search on their phone to find you and your business.