scan2d qr code demo
10 May, 2018

Vehicle body advertisement with QR code

Posted by Jimmy Xu

Yes, you need a QR code, the bridge that connects real and virtual world and the bridge that also connects your advertisement with the mobile device, the most important device for everyone and our new extended brain...

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scan2d qr code demo
27 August, 2017

Age of QR code is coming, iOS 11 supports scan QR code natively

Posted by Jimmy Xu

In the iOS 11 preview which released in June 2017, the build-in camera app is able to recognize the QR code. Which means, that iPhone users will no longer to require download a specific app, simply use the camera in iPhone to scan the QR code...

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qr code on flyer
20 August, 2017

Why Small Business Need QR Code on the Advertisement Flyers

Posted by Bo Z

Statistics show that 77% of all Americans own smartphones, which they use on a daily basis. People use a smartphone to read email, keep notes, get map directions and use social media, etc. Putting a QR code on the object of interest will encourage your customer to open the website on the smartphone, as it becomes more convenient for them to do so.

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QR code on menu
20 June, 2017

Put A Scan2D QR Соdе Оn Уоur Menu

Posted by Jimmy Xu

Having a Scan2D QR Cоdе displayed mеаnѕ сuѕtоmеrѕ саn quiсklу and easily gеt access to your rеѕtаurаnt’ѕ information аnd mоbilе mеnu. Putting a a Scan2D QR Cоdе in your restaurant’s windоw оr оn thе door mеаnѕ a сuѕtоmеr саn use thеir smartphone tо quiсklу ѕее your mеnu. Onе-сliсk and уоur rеѕtаurаnt’ѕ mоbilе wеbѕitе iѕ рullеd uр fоr thеm...

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QR code on web page
20 Oct, 2016

How to Make Your Website QR Code Scannable.

Posted by Bo Z

As a website owner in today’s society, it is becoming increasingly important than ever to encourage the mobile user to visit your website. The primary value of scanning a QR code is to alleviate the need to enter the long web link on a phone.

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  • Use QR vCard to grow your business
  • You need the QR vCard, the best and quickest way to allow your clients get your information into their mobile device and share with somebody else in a few clicks, most important no typing and no searching...

  • Lost Pet Post with QR Code
  • You lost your pet. From that moment, you know your “baby” needs you. It can’t tell you where it is – yet you are responsible for its safety and rescue. After looking around the house, you decide to post a “Lost” sign to seek some help...

  • Creating a QR Code PDF for WIFI
  • When guests come to your home or business, one of the first things they will do is ask you for your Wi-Fi login. This tool simplifies the process as it allows you to enter your information and generate a QR Code as a PDF file. The PDF can then be printed and postedin some noticeable places, such as the door or on the wall. Visitors can then easily scan the QR Code you created and be immediately connected to your Wi-Fi. This tool is better than just writing your password on a piece of paper.

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