Use Scan2D QR Codes to help find lost pets.

More chance to find your lost pet by help people more easier to identify the pet and contact you immediately.

You lost your pet. From that moment, you know your “baby” needs you. It can’t tell you where it is – yet you are responsible for its safety and rescue. After looking around the house, you decide to post a “Lost” sign to seek some help. You include an image and your contact info and print dozens of copies in colour to post at all the noticeable places nearby. Of course, there are lots of nice people willing to help, but it is a challenge for most people to remember what your cat or dog looks like and even when they do, they will often want to call you ASAP when they have the lost pet insight, but your posted signs are 300 meters away…

Create Lost Pet Post with Scan2D QR Code

Lost Pet QR Code Post

Scan2D app helps find your lost pet

Now, more than 60% of the population in Canada and US has a smartphone. A simple technology at no additional cost is available to solve this problem. The solution is Scan2D lost pet post with QR Code. Go to, upload an image and fill in the description details such as, approx. time the pet was lost, any identifiable marks on your pet as well as your contact info. Review and print. The post comes with all the information you entered and a QR code beside it. People with a smartphone can scan the QR code (recommend this be done with the Scan2D app) on the poster, and then they can review the information in the app, compare the pet with the image and give you a call right away to tell you the place where they saw your pet. Bingo!